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Terms & Conditions


By accessing the Classic Ford Truck (and Bronco) Trader website you explicitly agree to our Privacy Policy and the following terms of use. If you do not agree with these terms, we must ask that you do not use our site.

Non Affiliation

You understand that Classic Ford Truck Trader (we/us) are not a broker, dealer, owner or seller of the vehicles listed on this site. You understand the vehicles & descriptions are provided by users of our site and are not verified or checked for facts, authenticity or accuracy by Classic Ford Truck Trader. You understand we have never personally seen, inspected or owned any vehicle listed on our site and make no guarantees regarding the accuracy of the information provided by the seller. You understand that we are not affiliated with any buyers or sellers and do not carry any liability for your/ their private transactions. We will not negotiate or broker any deals on behalf of buyers or sellers. You understand we provide a site that simply allows sellers & potential buyers to connect, but we are not involved in any transaction.

Risk/ Fraud

You understand that some sellers or buyers could potentially be fraudulent and it is your responsibility to vet any potential buyer or seller you may interact with to ensure they not a scammer or fraudulent. It is not Classic Ford Truck Trader’s responsibility to research the individuals that use our site to ensure they are upstanding.

You understand that buying or selling a vehicle private party is not without risk.  In instances people can be scammed in many ways, including but not limited to: stolen vehicles, lack of title, counterfeit money, theft/ robbery, purposefully misleading information, etc. By using our site, you assume all responsibility for any transaction you involve yourself in. You understand any tips or suggestions we provide are simply that from our experience, but are not intended as legal advise.

Ad Submissions

You agree that you will be truthful and not misleading in any vehicle submission you create. You understand you are solely responsible for any transaction you are involved in as a result of a submission on our site. You understand that you could be held personally liable for such transaction if it turns out the information you provided was willfully inaccurate. You understand that we may revoke your ad at any time, without refunding your ad placement fee, if we believe the ad to be inaccurate, inappropriate or fraudulent.  You understand we will not approve any vehicle ad that does not fit our criteria, and will not refund any ad placement fees associated with a non-complying ad.


You also understand we may provide links to third party services or websites as part of affiliate programs, where we may earn a commission. We do not necessarily endorse the products or services provided by these third parties and encourage you to do your own research before considering them. We do not sell your personal information to these affiliates, nor provide it to them. We simply provide a link for you to follow.

Site Access

You understand that access to this website is provided on a temporary basis.  Classic Ford Truck Trader  provides this site at our discretion and may take the site down from time to time (if necessary) and are not liable for keeping the site up 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You understand that this site has been developed for Classic Ford Truck & Bronco enthusiasts, by an enthusiast.  We are not professional webmasters and this is not our full-time profession, rather, it has been developed to help support the enthusiast community.  We do our best to keep the site up, running and glitch free, but you acknowledge and understand errors with the site can and likely will occur from time to time. You understand that our Instagram page is the primary platform where potential buyers & sellers connect, and as such, we do not offer any reimbursements if our website is down for any period of time while your ad is active. This is because your ad will still have great visibility on our Instagram Page during any down time. We charge rates for advertising that are much lower than many similar sites, largely because we do not have a large administrative staff to maintain the site.


You understand that when you submit images on our site, that we may reuse them for marketing purposes, if we so choose. You will not be owed any compensation for use of your images, nor will you be notified that we are using your image. If you do not want your image used you may contact us and we will remove your image from any future advertisements.

You understand you may not take images from our site and use them for your own business purposes.  If we become aware of any user who has submitted images that are copyright protected, of which they do not hold the copyright, we will immediately remove the image and may suspend or terminate their account.

Account Access

You understand account access is granted at our discretion. We may terminate or suspend your account at any time, if we so choose. We have no intention of doing so, however, if a user violates the terms of our site, sends inappropriate messages using our system, is suspected of being a scammer or fraudster, or other related activities, we may evoke this right.


You understand the fees and package structure presented on our listing options page. You understand that you should contact us with any questions you might have regarding pricing or what is provided in each plan option prior to making a purchase. You understand we may change our fee structure from time to time, with or without notice.


You understand by using our site you will also be using our built in messaging system. The messaging system allows users to reach out to ad posters in order to discuss their vehicle. You understand we do not control, filter or edit the messages sent by one user to another. You understand it is possible you might receive crude or distasteful messages from time to time. We have built in a “block user” feature to allow you to block any user who has submitted inappropriate messages to you.

Indemnity/ Non-liability

You agree to indemnify Classic Ford Truck Trader from any disputes that may arise as a result of your interactions or transactions with other users/ visitors of the site. You agree we are not liable for any damages, losses, costs or expenses, arising out of any dispute between you and any other user or third party as it relates to the use of our site. You understand we have simply provided a platform to allow potential buyers & sellers of classic vehicles to connect, but are in no way involved in their transactions and will not assume any liability.

Changes to Terms of Use

You agree we may change the terms of use and privacy policy from time to time and your continued use of the site confirms your continued acceptance of these terms.